Monday, February 8, 2010

Neil Young - I'll Cover You, Too Compilation

Neil Young
I'll Cover You, Too Compilation
Various Dates, Various Venues

Gee, it's been nearly ten years, but way back then I was heavily involved in the Rust email-discussion group. Guess what the main subject of the group was...

I dunno if Rust is still around, but they were crazy active then. I had to eventually remove myself from it because even with getting only the digest posts, my mailbox was getting hit 8-10 times a day, with about a hundred emails per digest! I had no time to read anything anymore.

Before I left though, I made a lot of great trades with a lot of great traders. And I participated in probably every "tree" they ran for a couple of years, getting all the new shows and compilations that people were putting out. (This was before file-sharing and common high-speed Internet access, kids. Way back when dinosaurs and boy bands walked the earth!)

This is a really neat compilation that the Rusties put together of all cover tunes. I think there was an earlier volume but if there was I don't have it.

Live Music Is Better! (Bumper stickers will be issued)

Artwork with track listings

Friday, January 29, 2010

Neil Young - Live with Led Zeppelin

I'm trying to get a YouTube widget to work for the sidebar of the blog to display a bunch of Neil videos, but it's being goofy and uncooperative.

For now, just enjoy this incredible jam with Neil and Led Zeppelin. I get such a kick out of watching Neil go deep into inner space when he's soloing, like he does here. His obvious enjoyment of crunching power chords and extreme volume is pure eye and ear candy. Our favorite part of his show at the Fox in St. Louis a couple years ago was the super-extended psychedelic jam on "No Hidden Path"! We thought Neil was going to levitate the building with that one.

PS I found a widget that's pretty decent - see upper right sidebar. I'll try and switch the videos around from time to time. 

Live Music Is Better! (Bumper stickers will be issued)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Neil Young - Live (Solo), 01/25/83

Neil Young (Solo)
January 25, 1983
Cow Palace, Daly City, CA

Disc 1

01. The Old Laughing Lady
02. Motor City
03. Revolution Blues
04. Don't Let It Bring You Down
05. Soul Of A Woman
06. Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
07. Old Man
08. My Boy
09. Helpless
10. Dance Dance Dance
11. Heart Of Gold
12. Don't Be Denied

Disc 2

01. Pocahontas
02. Sail Away
03. Powderfinger
04. Ohio
05. Human Highway
06. After The Gold Rush
07. Transformer Man
08. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
09. Mr. Soul
10. Comes A Time
11. I Am A Child
12. Computer Age

When I got into bootleg trading, all by mail back in the dark ages, I hooked up with a lot of very serious and often secretive traders. This is one of three I got in exchange from a fellow who wouldn't take any of my collection in exchange - I had to make him full-color art for each show. So I did. And I had to provide the art before I got the music! Very odd.

But it was worth it because they are some of my favorite Neil boots. Of the three, I picked this one first because I don't know how widely available any of these solo Trans-tour shows are. I've got the other two ripped and ready to upload, too, don't fret. (Sorry, but that art is long gone in a fabulous blaze of crashing harddrives...)

Live Music Is Better! (Bumper stickers will be issued)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Neil Young - On Kindle!

I'm totally Kindle Krazy. My Smart Wife and I were given one for Christmas last year and this year I gave MSW her own because sharing didn't work for us. No fights, just impatience to play with the new toy more.

A word about the Kindle reading experience: It does not replace the book. We've got thousands of books and will never stop buying and reading more, until we're like crazy old farts threading our way around the house through ceiling high mounds and piles and pyramids of books. But the Kindle has made reading different. If anything, I'm reading more now than ever before. I've got short story collections, anthologies, poetry, magazines and dozens of novels old and new on the Kindle; it's like having a personal "Best of" portable library, stocked with favorite authors and potential favorites. Simply put - it's a lot of fun.  Find a friend that has one and if you can pry it from her fingers, try it out. You'll want one.

And you can add Neil to your personal library, too. I just checked  and right now, you can get Shakey, which you should already own anyway. But if you've got a Kindle and want it right now, you can get it for less than the paperback. Hopefully there'll be more titles available soon, but for me Shakey is worth ten bucks just for info on the recording of Zuma. Very freaky.

Is it just me, or in the picture above, do those hands look like feet the more you stare at them?

Live Music Is Better! (Bumper stickers will be issued)

Nothin' But Neil

"Live music is better," right? That's what Nothin' But Neil is all about - live music. Specifically, live Neil Young. All bootlegs, all the time. No legit releases (though plenty of links to give folks the chance to buy the Real Neil Deal). Format is FLAC so that you can burn to CD or convert to MP3 yourself. Hopefully, Neil will give permission to the Live Music Archive someday to host his shows, but until then, well, somebody has to do it.